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A successful customer advocacy program can turn loyal customers into ambassadors for your brand. At its core, a customer advocacy program is a marketing strategy designed to encourage your most satisfied customers to proactively recommend your company and its services to other potential customers.


As customer advocacy marketing experts, we can create and manage a complete program to help your business identify and showcase how your customers are overcoming business and technology challenges, why they selected and implemented your solutions and the business benefits they are deriving.


Customer advocacy marketing solutions


Our end-to-end customer advocacy marketing service incorporates:

  • Creating an end-to-end customer advocacy program

  • Advising on a customer advocacy marketing process (including obtaining relevant customer involvement, permissions, interactions, etc.)

  • Conducting initial customer research, including taking an internal brief (usually from marketing/sales/product)

  • Setting up customer interviews (either directly or through our client contact)

  • Preparing and conducting customer interviews and taking notes/transcribing

  • Drafting a case study or testimonial and sending to our client for comments/approval

  • Managing customer approvals and sign-offs

  • Delivering final approved copy for multi-channel use (e.g. web, design and print)

  • Advising on customer advocacy marketing outreach via websites, social media and campaigns


We provide a completely outsourced customer advocacy program that includes management of the entire advocacy marketing strategy, incorporating case studies and testimonials, enabling you to save internal time, cost and resources.

Make your customers your best advocates. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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